Many clients have asked me in the past as to whether I recommend glass top stoves or coil top stoves for rental units? At first glance one might think that the obvious choice would be whatever is more economical. After all, we are talking about a rental unit right? Like anything, we must consider the pros and cons of each. Let’s start with coil top stoves: The main reason many landlords go with coil top stoves is certainly because they are less expensive than their glass top counterparts. Another reason some landlords may like coil top stoves is the ease of which coil burners (heating elements) may be replaced. With this said, anyone who has replaced coil burners knows that the costs can certainly add up upon replacing several burners. Furthermore, a main reason why these burners go bad is because of neglect, overuse, & abuse. For example, often times boiling contents spill over a pot and on to the coils themselves thus burning the wiring connecting the elements. Once this happens, it is quite likely that you will either need to have the stove serviced by a professional or replaced entirely. Lastly, it is safe to see that the appearance of a coil top stove is certainly not as nice or clean as a glass top stove.

Now, for glass top stoves: As previously mentioned, glass top stoves certainly have an overall better appearance than coil top stoves. With this said, you may also expect to pay anywhere from $50 + more on a glass top stove as compared to a coil top stove. It has been my experience though that the glass top stoves hold up better to the abuse than the coil top stoves. A major reason for this is because of the sealed nature of the cooking elements since they sit beneath the glass. You can be guaranteed that your typical tenant will not pay too much attention to the care of any coil cooking elements since after all, it is not their responsibility.

As a multifamily property owner myself, I made the switch from coil top to glass top stoves about 4 years ago. I can tell you that this has turned out to be a wise move. My tenants have been quite pleased with them & it also makes the kitchen appear to be more updated.

I hope you find this post helpful & feel free to continue sending me any questions or topics that you would like me to cover on this site.